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Energy Vastu

Types of Copper

  • 3" Copper Pyramid
  • 6" Copper Pyramid
  • 1 Ft Copper Pyramid
  • 9 Planet Chip Pyramid
  • 91 Wish Pyramid
  • 6 Ft High Pyramid

Wave Length Theory

Light , sound and magnetic waves operate the entire universe. All,animate and inanimate things, are operated by these waves. These waves operate in our dwelling places. These waves are the base for the 'ENERGY VASTU'

Energy Vastu

Expriements on Pyrmid

Copper Energy

8" Copper dig under the building to maintain the copper energy

Water Energy

To convert Normal water into Medicine water with use of Pyramid

Energised Water

20 lt of Normal water is convert into Energised Water withing 5 Hours