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Energy Vastu

Types of Copper

  • 3" Copper Pyramid
  • 6" Copper Pyramid
  • 1 Ft Copper Pyramid
  • 9 Planet Chip Pyramid
  • 91 Wish Pyramid
  • 6 Ft High Pyramid

Remidies For Diseases

Pyramid Gives Energy for Body, Mind and soul

Pyramid act as pain killer, to keep pyramid 1/2 hour over the pain will result in pain relief

To keep the pyramid on the head for 1/2 hour facing towards west direction will Increase Memory Power and Immunity

Energized water water is covered with pyramid and daily use of such energized water gives sweet and pleasant food also solution for digestion problem and keep maintain the blood flow in the body.

To keep the pyramid inside the room will impact good air circulation as well as will get cosmic energy inside the room also it avoid other vastu related problems.

To keep the pyramid in fruits and vegitables will result in fresh and maintain the taste of the fruits & vegitables for long days and also it removes the chemicals in the fruits & vegitables.

To sit inside the pyramid will help avoid Neuro diseases, Tooth Pain, less sperm count etc

Types of Copper

3" Copper Pyramid

We may keep this in our 'pooja room'. If there are any defects in VASTU it may be placed on the floor at the corner of northeast. We may keep it on the table of our business place. Taking a glass tumbler, we must fill it up with drinking water and place the pyramid on it all night. At dawn, the water will be turned into medicated one.

Note:We must wash inner side of the pyramid neatly once in three days. We may place the pyramid on pulses and other eatables so as to get more energy and taste.During meditation and penance, the pyramid may be placed on the head. One may be at ease with peace of mind . Memory power will increase .The ability to take timely decision will increase.

In case there is any problem in the execution of your work, you write down the problem in a white paper and keep inside the pyramid and offer prayers. In doing so, the prayer has its effects spreading its thought - waves throughout the cosma

Those who have the wooden - cot as their bed must place the pyramid under the cot. This will make solar plexus function well

6" Copper Pyramid

This pyramid may be used for all the above mentioned items. Besides, it cures the body pain if applied at the place where pain is felt.

If you place this 6" pyramid on your head sitting northward, it will benefit you many-fold,reducing your tension and body pain and increasing your memory

For the house having vastu defect, the pyramid may be placed in the specially made tank and buried beneath the ground followed by prayer.

Note :After getting advice from us, this pyramid may also be used for many other purposes.

1 ft copper pyramid

This pyramid may be rested on four small pillars. And one may meditate under it to cure the disease. The fruits, vegetables, pulses and cereals may be stored inside

If there is any vastu defect in a very big Hall or factory, this 1 ft pyramid may be kept in a tank beneath the ground. After performing vastu pooja

We may send our thought-waves to those who are far away from us and thus may increase our power of telepathy waves

9 planet chip pyramid

This may be kept in the shirt - pocket, bag or purse. On journey and while attending some important events, you may have this in your pocket and it will yield good result for your day-to-day affairs. It removes tension and gives peace of mind with pyramid energy

Those who have disturbed sleep may have sound sleep. If the pyramid is kept under the pillow while going to bed

It is well and good if the pyramid is placed in business centre, cash- box and shelf

To eliminate vastu defects, if 91 chip pyramids are buried beneath the ground, this will provide more energy and all anti-forces will be wiped off

91 wish pyramid

This pyramid has 3 tiers. It consists of 91 pyramids. If there are vastu defects and anti-energies, this pyramid should be placed in the corner of the north east. More energy will generate. With the increase of 5 elements the strength of vastu will be on higher side. It must be placed on the reception table.

6 ft High Pyramid (life size model)

Those who have enough space at their home may order for 6ft pyramid made out of copper sheet or fiber glass. It may be erected outside of the house or inside or on the terrace

Benefit: The patients may be medically treated allowing him to remain inside the pyramid. The diseases will be cured soon. The immune power will increase. One may meditate inside it. The water may be kept inside and used both for drinking and cooking.

  • Improve positive energy around the Buildings
  • Cure diseases & Improve our Health
  • Give peace of mind and sound sleep
  • All your wishes fullfilled sucessfully (By Gravitational Force)
Energy Vastu

Expriements on Pyrmid

Copper Energy

8" Copper dig under the building to maintain the copper energy

Water Energy

To convert Normal water into Medicine water with use of Pyramid

Energised Water

20 lt of Normal water is convert into Energised Water withing 5 Hours

Secret of pyramid

The pyramids in Egypt were built inclined at 52" with the technology of high mathematical calculation and astronomy. its special type of construction is such that it receives cosmic energy from the space and magnetic energy from the earth. These energies are converted into nanowaves in the pyramids. The German scientist 'Patric Flanagan' affirms that it is equal to bio-cosmic energy. The very shape of the pyramid serves as an instrument to produce this energy. The pyramids we make and supply, though proportionally smaller in size, do converge the above energies inside the pyramids.The energies of such pyramids may be used

  • To cure the disease.
  • To convert the water into medicine.
  • To get peace of mind.
  • To keep our surroundings spic and span.
  • To increase the vastu of buildings.

Pyramid shape is combined with a four - prong. Pyramid becomes the biggest impact modern sceintific world and even scientist accepct that pyramid gives the power to Body, Mind and Soul.

This four - prong gives the power to pyramid, in our country we may found lot of pyramid shape in the form of Temple Towers, Machineries(Most of machinery are in the form of Pyramid) functioning like pyramid

Mountain shape looks similar to pyramid that the reason energy from the sky (Cosmic Energy) rich in mountains so that plants and vegitable in mountain are rich in vitamins.

We walked around the mountain it helps to increase the energy in body, mind and soul.

Most countries and multi-national companies are become millenaire they are using pyramid shape in their logo. For Example America they used their dollar note with shape of pyramid.World Famous Sony and D.L.F are using Pyramid as their company logo.

The world popular scientist Karl Marx, Albert Einstein and n number of noble scentist in the world from Israel, because of Israel used their national flag with (Hexagonal) Pyramid

Today English is common speak language amoung various countries, most of people giving interest to speak English language and pay attention to those who speak English? Many of you wandering? Why English become popular Language among the various language? This is because they use pyramid shape letter in their Alphabets ( Ex: A K N M W Y R V X Z... )

In Yoga padmasana Position our body receives more energy, because of padmasana similar to pyramid shape.

The birds fly from more than 1000 of KM from contient to contient, they fly with pyramid shape and recevies energy from the sky

Pyramid Shape Used By Various Contries

American Dollar

Israel Flag

Padmasana in Yoga

DLF Company Logo