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Energy Vastu

Energy Vastu By Pyramid

Our residential buildings are of square or rectangular shape occupying certain area which connects both the space and the earth. This results in the formation of energy waves. We shall know of them in detail.

Our buildings have to create magnetic field or earth energy on the ground floor.

Your building should be parallel to the four directions of the earth, that is, it should fall in line with the direction of compass. If so, vastu strength will be immense. It is allowable if it deviates to the extent of 15" from the compass.

If it is more than 15" it will cause vastu defect (thisaimoodam) it will disturb the mind and cause unnecessary quarrels. Please be perfect in vastu sastra and live long happily at your blessed home

In flooring the geomagnetic flux lines starts from north to south. In the centre, the cosmic energy is absorbs these two energies spread in south west corner especially.

Energy Vastu

Energy in Building

These energies are in wave form produced at north east,passes through the centre (Bramastanam ) and stored at the South west part of the building. That is, these places acts like a channel for this energy waves.

This provides energy waves continuously with in the building

The shape of the outside building should attract mild magnetic field inside the house

As the magnetic waves flow from it, every corner of the house should have 90° turn

Square is the dynamic shape in vastu. Especially in square the geomagnetic lines and gravitational force passess through easily and equally in square. Also the eight directions are pointed accurately, stable in the square shape. There fore in vastu the square shape is considered most preferable

The impact of mild sound vibration is formed inside our residence in a low decimal point. If there is any hindrance for it, it should be set right by some remedial measures

The comic energy flows into the houses through roof-ceiling. So the roof-ceiling should have been constructed in such a way that this energy is allowed to enter the house freely. It is very necessary to allow the flow of air and light into the house. In those days, to ensure free flow of air and light, our forefathers had built open yard at the very centre of the house. This open yard worked as a pyramid turned upside down.

Such waves should be available at home without impediment. The philosophy of energy vastu is to infuse the effects of five elements into the building.

Physics affirms that the cosmic energy and magnetic waves are prevalent in the space and on the earth. These energy waves are existing around all living beings including man. They exist in the form of light ripples which is said to be 'aura'. This sort of energy waves exists in and out of every building. As scan and x-ray are meant to diagnose the disease of man.

The apparatuses like pendulum, lecher antenna, dowsing, and prism are used to find out the defects in energy circuits in buildings. With copper pyramid, all the vastu defects may be set right.

Remidies of Pyrmaid Vastu

The usage of pyramids may vary in accordance with the defects of the energy circuits in the building

If the magnetic waves are found less on the ground floor, vastu pooja should be performed in the north-east corner and at the centre of the house. The pyramid should be kept in the specially made tank that would be buried later beneath the earth after prayer

If the magnetic waves are obstracted in the corners of the house, pyramid should be placed in every corner

If the cosmic energy is obstructed on the roof portion, an opening should be made doing remedial measures with pyramid.

If the building in an uneven shapes the energy waves will get dissipated. To make up this defect, pyramid should be placed on eight directions.

Finding out correct geographical north, we must perform vastu pooja constructing proper tank and then we must place the pyramid inside it. This is the "philosophy of pyramid vastu".

In the pyramid vastu, the defects may be remedied in the apartment houses and thus we may improve energy. For this purpose, powerful copper pyramid must be used.

Note :If there are still any defects even after examining with pendulum, lecher-antenna and dowsing rod we ourselves pay a visit to your house and set right the defects with pyramid.